we noticed a need for all-inclusive brand sessions

so we assembled a team and created build your brand

You love a good all-inclusive resort, right? You pay once, and you get everything you could possibly need on your vacation. What's not to love? So we thought, why not create an all-inclusive session that has the same concept, but for your brand photos? We want to make your life, and business, easier than ever. We spent nine months workshopping our packages, building a studio, and pulling together the Avengers of Charlotte, NC female business owners just for you.

We've spoken to so many other women in business who were fed up with their iPhone photos or stiffy headshots, who hated showing up on social media because they didn't have photos that reflected who they were, or who were putting off working with a website designer because they didn't have photos they could use that would match the quality of their new website. That ends today, friend! 

If any of this is resonating with you, it would be our honor to serve you and your business, so that you can serve your clients and customers better than ever before. They want to see you, not just your work, and strategic brand photos are exactly what you need. Now, they're just a couple clicks away with Build Your Brand.

our goal is to make sure you walk away from your session feeling confident in yourself, your business, and your photos. BECAUse you can do this!

Emily Ross

Brand photography is essential for all businesses because it helps to visually communicate your brand's story, values, and personality to your dream clients. It can also help you stand out among competitors and create a consistent visual identity across all marketing channels. By investing in professional brand photography, you can establish a stronger connection with your customers.

Jordan Chan

As a brand and website designer, I see so many businesses without intentional brand photos, which makes designing a beautiful, high-converting website very hard. Images speak louder than words, so I'm teaming up with these incredible women to make sure your brand is represented well in your photos, and that you walk away from the session with actionable next steps for your brand + business!

Raechel  &  Madison

As an event designer and florist, we assist with bringing your brand to life. We’ll take your brand shoot to the next level by ensuring you have all the photo props you need to represent who you are as a business and individual. Whether that be custom floral installations and arrangements, furniture, or small decor elements, you’ll have all the content you could need!

Megan Oliveri

Having your hair and makeup done professionally before a photo shoot takes a huge stressor off you, as well as helping you feel more confident! When you feel confident, you look more like yourself in your photos. I’ll be in the studio before your session to do your hair and makeup and help you feel more confident. Plus, I’ll stick around for touch-ups as needed!

The  Studio

you read that right!

We've got our very own studio to work out of, thanks to Emily! She built a studio for Lavender & Light, her photography company, on her land right next to her house. That means it doesn't cost you extra to use it since we don't have to rent a studio space! Plus, there's no set up or break down time taking away from your shooting time, since only Emily's clients have access to this incredible space. You have a beautiful, blank slate built right into our packages, so that we can help make your brand session dreams come true! Get ready to make some magic together here, friend.

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